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What is NUDI?

Nudi is a new and original brand of flip flop whose unique designs are based on the patterns of our oceans' most beautiful creatures.

Brought to you by a small group of people who, like you, care about the fragile marine environment of our planet, nudi wants to make a difference, a difference that you can be part of.

10% of the price of your Nudis goes directly to The Reef-World Foundation, a UK-based charity that has worked with local people to conserve coral reefs in South East Asia, the world centre for biodiversity, for over 10 years. 

At NUDI we’re proud, honoured and excited to be associated with Reef-World.

Click on the link below to visit their website and see the good work they’re doing in protecting the coral reefs through the local communities that depend on those reefs for their livelihood.

Your purchase will help Reef-World continue their work in maintaining and restoring these reefs to their former glory, or as we like to say: Saving the oceans one step at a time…

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What does Nudi mean?

Nudi is our cute little abbreviation for Nudibranch, a small marine creature (a mollusc if we're going to get technical!) that chills out in oceans all over the planet from the tropics all the way down to the Antarctic. They’re often described as the butterflies of the sea for their beautiful colours and the undulating swimming pattern that some of them demonstrate, a pattern you can see represented in the first two letters of the NUDI logo:



Though they can be found in all depths of salt water they are most commonly found, and in greatest diversity, in shallow tropical waters where their stunning colours make them a favourite spectacle for snorkelers and divers alike.

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